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Helena Self Storage Solutions

Lyndale Avenue Self Storage offers newly renovated and affordable, protected storage for new Helena residents. Rest assured that your assets will be protected.

Unit Access 365 Days a Year

Access into the gates is 6a-10p 365 days a year. Having less traffic after 10pm allows to keep your assets as safe as possible.


Gated Facilites

We provide a wide range of features that enhance our clients’ experience, and sets us apart from competitors in the industry. Since 2000, we have made it a point to provide clients with Gated Facilites for all of their storing needs.


Everything You Need

Sensitive documents? Priceless possession? Or even just your room from the dorm, we have the right storage unit at the right price for you.


One Cold Storage Unit Currently Available!

Give us a call to claim it.

Cargo Worker
Which is the Right Size?

Use our simple guide to help you.

Our options allow flexibility to fit your storage needs and your budget. From large sized options for your favorite toys, and smaller containers for a single bedroom or packing away your old memories. If you're unsure of what size you'll need, we can help. Just click the link.

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box
(406) 442-4429

Let us help you. Just give us a call and we can help you find what storage unit will be right for you.

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