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What Size Do You Need?

A guide to help find the perfect size for you.

Use our self storage guide below to insure that you are purchasing the right container for your room(s), time, and budget.

Size Guide: About

5 X 10

Small Container. Big Benefits.

For this unit, it may be difficult to decide if it's big enough. First, you can tape out an area 5' X 10'. If all your stuff fits in the space, lifting about shoulder level, you've found the right storage unit.

Most one bedrooms or studio apartments can make this work. 

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10 X 10

What will fit for most.

This is the second storage container that we have. This will fit most 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. For 2 or 3 bedroom homes, especially with children or a basement, the next option may be for you.

10' X 20'

The King!

Anything from a large apartment to an entire house, you can fit it in here. Appliances, television stands, or your favorite winter or summer toys.

This storage unit is best if you are going to house large appliances, a vehicle, or have many bedrooms or a basement.

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Let us help you. Just give us a call and we can help you find what storage unit will be right for you.


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